Whitnall youth cheerleading guidelines

The Whitnall Youth Football & Cheerleading (WYF&C) program is a Whitnall School District community tackle football program affiliated with the South Eastern Youth Football Alliance (SEYFA). The Whitnall School District is comprised of all of Hales Corners, parts of Greenfield and Franklin. In 1990, the WYF program was established as a part of the AAYFL. The WYF consists of 3rd & 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade cheerleading teams.

The Mission of Whitnall Youth Football and Cheer program
The Whitnall Youth Football & Cheer program is committed to instilling Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, Leadership, Trust and Commitment in our young participants. We believe these values and virtues are important to the growth of all youths and to them becoming upstanding members of our community and society.  We will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment and the spirit of community.


  • Whitnall Youth Football & Cheer Program provides a quality athletic experience in a safe environment that will aid in the development and growth of favorable habits and attitudes in all who participate.
  • To encourage the student-athlete to achieve success academically as well as athletically.
  • To make participation an experience that is fun, meaningful, and positive and in accordance with policies, rules and regulations set forth by the South Eastern Youth Football Alliance (SEYFA).

Safe and dependable equipment will be provided. The WYFC program supplies all equipment necessary to participate in the cheerleading program; cheer top, skirt, pants and Pom-poms (they will use all four years of cheering). Equipment turn-in is in November.  ALL families will be given a copy of equipment replacement fees at time of equipment issue. *Any family NOT returning their cheer uniform on time will be subjected to forfeiture of their equipment fee.  Failure to turn in equipment will be considered stolen property and the matter will be turned over to Greenfield/Hales Corners/Franklin Police Department.

The Participation fee is $200.00 per child plus a $150 per family *refundable equipment/volunteer fee = $350.  If more than one child in the program each additional registration will be $100.00.  Payment can be made on our online registration via card or a check can be mailed in.  Please note ALL CHECKS WILL BE CASHED.  Checks should be written to Whitnall Youth Football & Cheer (WYF&C).

WYF&C’s mailing address is PO Box 28, Hales Corners, WI  53130.

FUNDRAISER:  Each year Whitnall Youth Football/Cheer will hold a fundraiser.  The fundraiser is each family will sell $150 in raffle tickets. Each family will register for the raffle tickets. The $150 can either be mailed in or paid at equipment pick up Check or cash is acceptable.

Expenses associated with the program but not limited to include coaches training, equipment, certification/maintenance, game officials, fields for practice and games, training supplies, team registrations to SEYFA, team/league insurance and other costs related to the operation of Whitnall Youth Football & Cheer program.  Each family will receive a refund of *$150.00 cash when ALL equipment returned by deadline determined by Whitnall Youth Football & Cheer board of directors, in condition received and each family has fulfilled their parent volunteer time(s).  WYF&C program requires that ALL families fulfill this volunteer time.  This fee is to help secure parent volunteers to help run the WYF&C program.  Parents are required to sign up for volunteer assignments at the equipment hand-out.  It is your responsibility to sign-up for your volunteer time.  The volunteer coordinator will not call to remind you of your volunteer time(s).  Some of your choices include: concessions, field setup/takedown, coaching, chain gang and etc. Payment of fees is due in full at time of equipment handout.

Any withdrawal from the program before or within the first week of practice a refund of $100.00 will be returned.  Any withdrawal after the first week of practice forfeits all fees.  Refunds will be given ONLY if you submit a written withdrawal to the Head Coach and the Treasurer.  Also all equipment must be returned to the Equipment Director within two weeks of notification.  If written withdrawal is not received & verified by Treasurer and Equipment Director, NO fees will be refunded.  NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule will be made.  Please take note that informing your Head Coach will NOT fulfill your obligation for a refund nor is it the coaching staff’s responsibility to get your refund for you.

Any checks returned NSF will be submitted a second time.  The charge for each NSF check is $25.00 plus any associated bank charges.  All NSF checks and fees must be paid immediately. Failure to pay fees in full prior to first day of practice will result in your child not being able to practice or participate in any games.


The cheerleading coaches are certified by AAYCA.  WYF&C Board President Jeff Chesney, Vice President Justin Eck and Cheerleading Director Colleen Sturma are available to mediate if needed.

Our coaching committee interviews all potential candidates. This committee along with the WYF&C Board of Directors make the final decision for selection of coaches.

It is important that WYF&C board and parents have open communication.  Players or parents who have concerns about the program should talk to their respective Head Coach first.  If you have general comments, concerns or a problem, please bring them to the monthly Board meetings. This is the best way to have open discussion and dialogue brought to everyone’s attention.  Additional Information is available on the WYF website at

Whitnall Cheerleaders In Action!

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